Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl

Managing Director ICIR


The International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR) is a sientific institution with focus on insurance and regulation research that took up its work at Goethe University in Frankfurt on October 1. Since then, we can look back at successful years. This success would not be possible without the commitment and contribution of the team, our board members, Goethe University, our partners and all institutions suporting in us in many ways.

After more than a decade of preparation, Solvency II finally seems to be hitting the home stretch. However, the present low interest phase is bringing about major problems for the life insurance industry. One of the big issues during the last year was how the problems of providing long-term guarantees in life insurance contracts influence the final shape of Solvency II.

The ICIR has contributed to this discussion and to further regulatory topics in many ways: through our research projects, through presentations of European policymakers at the ICIR, and through presentations and press articles by ICIR members.

The goals for the coming years are to attain a further increase in our research visibility, to which the participation in the Center of Excellence S·A·F·E will positively contribute. We will refine the existing regular events such as the “Seminar on Insurance and Regulation” and the annual global supervision conference, but we will also be open to developing new methods and formats in our endeavour to improve insurance regulation and supervision.