Solvency II follows the three pillar approach introduced by Basel II, whereby the first pillar deals with quantitative issues, such as the capital requirements and the valuation rules, the second pillar with qualitative issues, such as governance and supervisory action and the third pillar contains the requirements concerning public disclosure and supervisory reporting.

The fifth meeting of the Karel’s Club will look at corporate governance from different angles, benefiting from the input of a number of key experts in the field. We will discuss governance in general but will also deal with each of the key governance functions and their interrelationship. We have been able to set up an attractive programme with excellent speakers, who will develop various aspects of the main theme.


Governance rules in a changing environment
Dr. Monica Maechler, Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG (Frankfurt) and of the Board of Directors of Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (Zurich)

How does a CEO cope with the increasing complexity of  governance rules?
Bart De Smet, CEO of Ageas NV (Brussels)

Compliance: Is it only about controls?
Gabe Shawn Varges, Senior Partner, HCM International AG (Zurich)

How to supervise the new Solvency II governance rules?
Alberto Corinti, Member of the Board of Directors of IVASS (Rome)

Why do supervisors attach so much importance to governance?
Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman EIOPA (Frankfurt)

Solvency II and Corporate Governance
Prof. Michele Siri, Università di Genova (Genoa)

The role of the CRO in risk management
Raj Singh, Group Chief Risk Officer, Standard Life plc (Edinburgh)

The actuarial function: A function in its own right?
David Hare, Partner, Actuarial and Reward Analytics, Deloitte MCS Ltd (Edinburgh)

What is so special about internal audit and how can it contribute to better governance?
Hans Joachim Büsselberg, Chair of the Insurance Committee of ECIIA (Brussels)

Is governance just a question of rules?
Romain Paserot, Directeur des Affaires Internationales, ACPR (Paris)

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