7 October 2019 | House of Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt

The Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP): Implications for Consumers and Providers


Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman, EIOPA
Dr. Klaus Wiener, Member of the Management Board, German Insurance Association (GDV)
Prof. Dr. Raimond Maurer, Chair of Investment, Portfolio Management and Pension Finance, Goethe University, SAFE


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlütter,
Professor of Quantitative Methods in Economics, Mainz University of Applied Sciences


The pan-European pension product (PEPP), a voluntary personal pension scheme, aims to address demographic challenges and close the pensions' gap in the EU. It will offer to EU citizens an additional opportunity to save for their retirement. Financial providers such as insurance companies, asset managers, banks, certain investment firms and occupational pension funds could offer this new pan-European option to save for retirement. A more developed market for personal pensions in the EU might evolve to channel more savings into long-term investments and increase the depth, liquidity, and efficiency of capital markets and with that contribute to develop a Capital Markets Union.

In this context, the 17th ICIR Talk on Insurance and Regulation event, in cooperation with the Research Center SAFE, is dedicated to the topic of the pan-European pension product (PEPP) and discussed the implications for consumers and providers. Gabriel Bernardino, Dr. Klaus Wiener and Prof. Dr. Raimond Maurer presented their views and research insights in a statement followed by a panel discussion.