5 July 2019 | ESRB | Insurance Expert Group Meeting
16-17 May 2019 | EIOPA Strategy Day | Bucharest, Romania
29 March 2019 | EIOPA Workshop | Frankfurt
16 November 2018 | 8th Bundesbank-CFS-ECB Workshop on Macro and Finance | Frankfurt
7 November 2018 | ECB | Frankfurt
5-6 November 2018 | Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum | Rüschlikon/Zurich, CH
8 October 2018 | Deutsche Bundesbank | Frankfurt
23 April 2018 | ILF Conference | House of Finance, Frankfurt
15/16 February 2018 | EIOPA | Frankfurt
14 February 2018 | IMF FSAP | ICIR, House of Finance
05 February 2018 | Bank of England | London
22 January 2018 | Deutsche Bundesbank | Frankfurt
13 December 2017 | CIRC | Allianz, Munich
13 November 2017 | Deutsche Bundesbank | Frankfurt
12-13 October 2017 | FMA Conference | Vienna, Austria
16. Mai 2017 | DVfVW | München
07 April 2017 | Berlin
17 March 2017 | Beijing, China
12 September 2016 | 7. Insurance Day | Wien
5-6 October 2015 | EIOPA, Frankfurt

Advanced Seminar on Quantitative Techniques in Financial Stability

Key Note Speech: Measuring and Ensuring Financial Stability in the Insurance Sector?

Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl

6 August 2015 | ECB, European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), Frankfurt

“European Insurance Companies:
Low Interest Rates and Systemic Risk”

Seminar with Prof. Helmut Gründl and Elia Berdin

21 April 2015 | EIOPA Financial Stability Committee Stress Test Subgroup Meeting, Frankfurt

Updated Results on the Impact of the Interest Rate Environment on Insurance – Special Focus on German Life Insurers

Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl and Elia Berdin

15 March 2015 | SUERF Conference: Asset-Liability Management with Ultra-Low Interest Rates, Vienna
21 October 2014 | Regulatory Issues Leaders Forum Europe 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Proportionality Principle under Solvency II

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

15 Oct 2014 | St. John's University, School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science, NY, USA
13-14 October 2014 | Annual Conference on European Insurance Law, Trier, Germany

The finalisation of the new framework for insurance regulation and supervision in the EU: Omnibus II and Solvency II

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

7-8 October 2014 | Insurance Risk Europe, London, UK

Conference on Risk Management
Panel: Industry Readiness for Solvency II

Prof. Karel Van Hulle, Chair of Panel

26 September 2014 | CRO Forum, Bologna, Italy

Panel participation on “Solvency II and International Developments”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

16 July 2014 | Conference on Risk Management in Insurance, Barcelona, Spain

Solvency II: The Risk Management Function”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

12 June 2014 | Malta

Moderation at the 6th International Insurance Conference on
“The Challenge of Change: Global Insurance Trends”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

4-6 June 2014 | Second Executive IFRS Workshop for Regulators, Vienna, Austria

Insurance Regulatory Update on Solvency II

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

4 June 2014 | Actuarial Conference for Insurance Supervisors, Ohrid, Macedonia

The Actuarial Function under Solvency II

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

26 May 2014 | Luxembourg, Luxemburg

Conference on “L’avenir du droit comptable luxembourgeois suite à l’adoption de la directive comptable du 26 juin 2013”

De la 4ème directive de 1978 à la nouvelle directive comptable de 2013: retour sur 35 ans de construction comptable européenne

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

9 May 2014 | Athens, Greece

Conference on “Life, Health and Pension Insurance in the new economic environment”
Should we Continue to Close our Eyes to the True Cost of Pensions?

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

7-8 May 2014 | Polish Association of Insurance Undertakings, Sopot, Poland

Conference on “Insurability in Poland” 

Panel on “Modern Financial Supervision”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

5 May 2014 | Economic University of Poznan, Poznan, Poland

Financial Services Regulation:
How to Strike the Right Balance?

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

10-11 April 2014 | Almaty, Kazakhstan

Xth International Risk Management Conference organised by Eurasia

Recent Developments in EU Insurance Regulation

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

24-25 March 2014 | Geneva, Switzerland

30th Regulation and Supervision Seminar organised by the Geneva Association

Panel on “The Future of European Banking Regulation: A Model for Insurance"

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

17-20 March 2014 | Conference on Risk & Insurance organised by Risk Minds, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Panel: “A New Way of Doing Business – CRO Debate"

Prof. Karel Van Hulle, Chair

30-31 January 2014 | Seminar on “Navigating Solvency II: Opportunities, Risks and Challenges”, Trier, Germany

"Solvency II – State of Play and Next steps” and “Supervision of Insurance Groups under Solvency II”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle, chair and presenting