Insurance Industry and Financial Stability

Diversification of Business Activities and Financial Stability*

(former title: Business Activities of Insurance Companies and Financial Stability)

Fabian Regele, Christian Kubitza

Systemic Risk and Late Resolution of Economic Shocks

Christian Kubitza, Helmut Gründl

Asset Concentration Risk and Insurance Solvency Regulation

Fabian Regele, Helmut Gründl

The Pitfalls of Central Clearing in the Presence of Systemic Risk

Mila Getmansky (UMass Amherst), Christian Kubitza, Loriana Pelizzon (SAFE, Goethe University)

Financial Literacy and Precautionary Insurance

Annette Hofmann ( St. John's University), Christian Kubitza (Goethe University, ICIR), Petra Steinorth (Universität Hamburg)

The Existence of the Miyazaki-Wilson-Spence Equilibrium with Continuous Type Distributions

Irina Gemmo, Christian Kubitza, Casey Rothschild (Wellesley College)

Comparative Study of African and European Insurance Regulations

Nana Adwoa Dekyem Amo-Mensah

(Life) Insurance and Risk Management

Interest Rate Risk, Longevity Risk and the Solvency of Life Insurers

Elia Berdin (Generali, ICIR Alumnus), Helmut Gründl

Rising Interest Rates, Lapse Risk, and the Liquidity Risk of Life Insurers

Elia Berdin (Generali, ICIR Alumnus), Helmut Gründl, Christian Kubitza

The Influence of Market Risks on the Stock Return of Life Insurance Companies

Sebastian Schlütter (Hochschule Mainz, ICIR Alumnus), Mark J. Browne (St. John's University, New York), Helmut Gründl (Goethe University/ICIR)

Life Insurance in the Low-Interest-Rate Environment

Elia Berdin (Generali, ICIR Alumnus), Helmut Gründl

A Stochastic Forward-Looking Model to Assess the Profitability and Solvency of European Insurers

Elia Berdin (Goethe University, ICIR), Cosimo Pancaro (ECB), Christoffer Kok (ECB)

Determinants of Life Insurance Demand Among Selected European and African Insurance Markets

Nana Adwoa Dekyem Amo-Mensah

Digitalization in the Insurance Industry

Privacy Concerns in Insurance Markets: Implications on Market Equilibria and Social Welfare

(former title: Transparency Aversion and Insurance Market Equilibria)

Irina Gemmo, Mark J. Browne (St. John's University), Helmut Gründl

A Dollar Less for a Pound More: (Price) Discrimination and the Value of Privacy

Irina Gemmo, Wanda Mimra (ETH Zurich), Anastasia Sycheva (ETH Zurich)

Who Benefits from More Information?

Christian Kubitza

Life Insurance in an Ageing Society

Life Insurance and Demographic Change: An Empirical Analysis of Surrender Decisions Based on Panel Data**

 Irina Gemmo, Martin Götz (SAFE, Goethe University)

Life Insurance Surrender Risk and Insurance Companies Asset Allocation***

Irina Gemmo, Martin Götz (SAFE, Goethe University), Helmut Gründl

The Modern Tontine: An Innovative Instrument for Longevity Risk Management in an Aging Society****

Jan-Hendrik Weinert, Gründl, Helmut

The Fair Surrender Value of a Tontine*****

Jan-Hendrik Weinert

Comparing the Cost of a Tontine with a Tontine Replicating Annuity

Jan-Hendrik Weinert

The Impact of Systematic Longevity Risk on Optimal Lifecycle Portfolio Choice with Tontines

Jan-Hendrik Weinert, Ralph Rogalla (St. John's University), Irina Gemmo

* part of SAFE research and partly funded by SAFE

**, *** both articles contribute to the subproject "Household Liquidity Risk Management and Insurance Comanies' Investment Behavior" as part of the SAFE Project "Liquidity and Longevity Risk Management of Households and Life Insurance Companies in an Ageing Society"

****,***** DVfVW supported research projects