The ICIR Experience

I started my PhD study at Goethe University Frankfurt in 2011, which was one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. Goethe University Frankfurt is a place where integrates modern concepts and international perspectives into the traditional educational system, and I have benefited a lot from its diversity and openness. During my study, I also worked as a Research Assistant at the International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR). The ICIR is an independent academic organization that provides high-quality research work, (executive) education, and platforms for stimulating dialogues between regulators, industrial specialists and researchers. As a team member, I had the great opportunity to access the top-level think tank, to collaborate interesting research projects, and to exchange my work and thinking with the rest of the world. Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl, Managing Director of the ICIR, has been one of the brightest and most benevolent people that I have ever met. Working for him enables me to obtain broad knowledge in the area of insurance regulation, to seek understandings about myself, and to learn how to make right decisions in the future. I have gained a lot more than I could ever think of before I started, which makes the last four years a precious journey in my life. I am very grateful to Prof. Gründl and his team and looking forward to the development of the ICIR and the upcoming challenges in my life.

Research Interests

Risk Management
Insurance Regulation
Asset Management
Emerging Markets


Published Work:

Is the Risk-Based Mechanism Always Better? The Risk-Shifting Behavior of Insurers under Different Insurance Guarantee Schemes (with Helmut Gründl and Sebastian Schlütter), Journal of Insurance Issues, forthcoming.

Working Papers:

OECD Project on Insurers and Long-Term Investment. Evolution of Insurer Portfolio Investment Strategies – Opportunities and Constraints for Long-Term Investing (with Helmut Gründl and Jens Gal)

The Impact of Firm-Level Transparency on the Risk Decisions of Insurers: Evidence from an Empirical Study

Market Reaction to Transparency: An Empirical Study on Life Insurance Demand in Europe

Conference Participation

12/2014Joint Conference: 21st Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (DGF) & 13th Symposium on Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Karlsruhe, Germany


European Conference on Banking and the Economy (ECOBATE), Winchester, United Kingdom


European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists (EGRIE), 41st Seminar, St. Gallen, Switzerland
08/2013American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., United States
09/2012European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists (EGRIE), 39th Seminar, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
03/2012Annual Congress of the German Insurance Science Association, Hannover, Germany
01/2012Ph.D. Seminar, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Research Awards

04/2015Frankfurt Award for Insurance Science
10/2014Honorable Mention Award, Journal of Insurance Issues

Lectures Assisted

Goethe University FrankfurtAsset and Liability Management in Insurance Companies (Master course)
Maastricht UniversityCost and Management Accounting (Bachelor course)