The ICIR Experience

I started my dissertation at the International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR) in November 2012 following my master’s degree. Personally, I find the ICIR a great place to pursue a PhD degree as high-level research plays a pivotal role at the center. There is a great scientific spirit among all the researchers with regular interactions and research meetings. The many partnerships with national and international universities offer a great way to present and discuss latest research topics with leading scientists in the field of insurance economics and regulation. In addition to the scientific work, teaching has been a great experience for me. The exchange with young students is interesting and a great way to grow both on a personal and professional level. Through frequent events such as conferences, workshops and seminars, the ICIR offers many opportunities to engage with high-level decision makers from both regulators and the industry to discuss about the latest political and scientific developments. This provides the unique opportunity to build an international network in the insurance industry. In summary, the center is a great place to start an international career in the  field of insurance. I would like to thank the ICIR Team for their support, guidance and motivation.

Research Interests

Insurance Economics
Risk Management
Bank & Insurance Regulation
Product Design


Niedrig, Tobias (2014): Optimal Asset Allocation for interconnected Life Insurers in the Low Interest Rate Environment under Solvency Regulation, Journal of Insurance Issues, Vol. 38, Issue 1,  31-71

Niedrig, Tobias and Gründl, Helmut (2015): The Effects of Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Bonds on Insurers' Capital Requirements under Solvency II, The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice (forthcoming)

Research Awards
11/2014Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper Award, Southern Risk and Insurance Association
10/2014Honorable Mention Award, Journal of Insurance Issues
Curriculum Vitae
2012-2015                        Research Assistant and Doctoral Student, International Center for Insurance Regulation, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany
2012M.Sc. in Management, Universität Mannheim, Germany
2011Financial Engineering, HEC Montréal, Canada
2009B.Sc. in Business Administration, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Academic Conference Participation
06/201532nd Annual Meeting of the French Finance Association, Paris, France
03/2015Annual Congress of the German Insurance Science Association, Berlin, Germany
02/2015Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Conference, Brussels, Belgium
11/201447th Annual Meeting of the Southern Risk and Insurance Association, Charleston, USA
10/2014Journal of Insurance Issues/CSIR Research Symposium, St. John's University, New York City, USA
07/201418th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Shanghai, China
05/2014SAFE-ICIR Workshop on Banking and Insurance, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
03/2013Annual Congress of the German Insurance Science Association, Berlin, Germany (Discussant)
Teaching | Lectures Assisted
Insurance and Regulation (Bachelor level), Tutorials
Insurance Technology (Master level), Seminar