Banking, Insurance - Interconnectedness, Systemic Risk and Regulation

May 8-9, 2014

Goethe University Guest House, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

In collaboration with the Center of Excellence SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe), the International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR) organized the workshop on "Banking, Insurance - Interconnectedness, Systemic Risk and Regulation".

Against the background of financial crises and a reform of the regulation and supervision of financial institutions, the workshop aimed to foster the dialogue between academics and regulatory authorities from the fields of banking and insurance. The main focus lied on current issues in measuring and regulating the interconnectedness and systemic risk between and within the two sectors. The workshop brought together distinguished scholars, industrial experts and regulatory leaders whose research/business/policy interests focus on systemic risk as well as on bank and insurance regulation.

For the workshop program, please click here.

For the presentation and panel discussion slides, please see below.

1.  Keynote Speech: “Systemic Risk and the Inter-Connectedness between Banks and Insurers: An Econometric Analysis” by J. David Cummins

2.  Presentation: “Sovereign, Bank and Insurance Credit Spreads: Connectedness and System Networks”by Loriana Pelizzon (Discussed by Enrico Biffis)

3.  Presentation: “Systemic Risk and Interconnectedness in the Financial Industry: Implications on Regulation of Financial Conglomerates” by Jannes Rauch (Discussed by Paolo Zanghieri)

4.  Presentation: “Should Life Insurers buy CoCo Bonds? – Regulatory Effects implied by the Solvency II Standards” by Tobias Niedrig (Discussed by Nadine Gatzert)

5.  Presentation: “Systemic Risk and the Interconnectedness of Insurers Around the Globe” by Gregor Weiss

6.  Brainstorming Session on Future Research on Systemic Risk and the Interconnectedness between Banking and Insurance

Mary A. Weiss

Helmut Gründl

Petr Jakubik

Sebastian Schich