8th Conference on Global Insurance Supervision (GIS) | 6-7 September 2023 | Goethe Campus Westend

Insurance Supervision In A World In Transformation

The 8th Global Insurance Supervision Conference took place on 6- 7 September 2023, at Goehte Campus Westend, jointly organised by EIOPA, ICIR and SAFE.

The event brought together top representatives from major (re-)insurance groups, regulatory and supervisory authorities as well as renowned academics from around the globe to debate current and future topics of major importance to international insurance supervision, focusing on global trends in risk-based supervision  linked to the implementation of global standards.

The 2023 GIS conference explored key topics relating to insurance supervision in a changing world from a European and international insurance supervision perspective with a focus on:

  1. The global shift to risk-based supervision
  2. The role of insurance in closing protection gaps
  3. The impact of innovative business models on the future of insurance and its supervision