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December 2023

The Digital Insurance Forum on Pension Reforms in Germany, featured a discussion on the pressing issue of pension reforms in Germany.

November 2023 | Olivia Higueras Loma

By Dr. Olivia Higueras Loma, MD, President of Medicatoria Foundation

October 2023

Discover insights from the 8th Conference on Global Insurance Supervision, where experts from 30+ countries delved into topics such as cyber threats, climate risks, and the future of risk-based supervision in the insurance industry.

October 2023 | Manfred Wandt and Gerrit Lüders.

Published in Zeitschrift für Versicherungsrecht, Haftungs- und Schadensrecht, Vol. 13, pp. 809–827 (2023). German version below.

October 2023 | Marcel Beyer, Hermann Buslei, Peter Haan, and Alexander Ludwig

We present a quantitative estimate of the demand for insurance in Germany with a particular focus on life insurance in the medium and long run.

August 2023 | Jörg Asmussen, Paul Berenberg-Gossler, and Jörg S. Haas

Pension systems all over Europe are increasingly coming under strain.

July 2023 | ICIR

Christian Thimann opened the Digital Insurance Forum 2/23 with a brief overview of the EU’s plans to introduce comprehensive corporate sustainability reporting standards for 50,000 companies. The aim of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), based on the new Corporate Sustainability…

May 2023 | ICIR

ICIR Digital Insurance Forums 1/23 (Zusammenfassung)

Dozent: Dr. Kevin Bork, Leiter Recht & Compliance, Helvetia Versicherungen Deutschland

Special Advisor Drafting & Research, PRICL