Insurance Regulation and Financial Stability

Insurance Business Diversification and Systemic Risk

Fabian Regele

Business Diversification and the Tradeoff between Individual and Systemic Stability

Fabian Regele

Rising Interest Rates and Liquidity Risk in the Life Insurance Sector

Christian Kubitza, Nicolaus Grochola, Helmut Gründl

Asset Concentration Risk and Insurance Solvency Regulation

Fabian Regele, Helmut Gründl

Do Solvency II Reports Appropriately Inform About European Stock Insurers’ Market Risk Exposures?

Nicolaus Grochola, Sebastian Schlütter

(Life) Insurance and Risk Management

The Influence of Market Risks on the Stock Return of Life Insurance Companies

Sebastian Schlütter, Mark J. Browne, Helmut Gründl, Nicolaus Grochola

Pandemic Insurance Pricing

Helmut Gründl, Hato Schmeiser, Danjela Guxha, Anastasia Kartasheva

Digitalization in the Insurance Industry

Privacy Concerns in Insurance Markets: Implications on Market Equilibria and Social Welfare

Irina Gemmo, Mark J. Browne, Helmut Gründl

On the effect of information updates on insurance markets

Kar Man Tan, Helmut Gründl

Sustainable Insurance

Profitable Sustainable Investments for Insurance Companies

Sebastian Schlütter, Helmut Gründl, Emmanuel Fianu